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Bob D'Haene Actor /D'Haene Band: Links

Artists You Should Know...then Love!

Jefferson Thomas
Surly & Cool
Rob Harriell
Great Actor & Friend
Jason Odell Williams
you may know him as Jason or Jimmy....either way...he's a talented mo fo!
Celia Chavez
21st Century Torch Singer
Kiku Collins
The official site of the Ninja Princess! Pick up your copy of, "Here with me"!
Ben "Bass Fool" Zwerin
Badass Bassist who we are always glad to have sit in!
Allison Cipris Band
Is she related to Pat Benatar? YOU be the judge!
Aaron Holland
Uber Sweet MI Guitar Hero!
The Mighty Weaklings!
It's like how much more weak could it be..and the answer is, "none mo weak"
Han Shot First
All rock, no apologies!
Ben Arvan
Julia Darling
Ahab Seamus
Wendy Caplan
Less Nessman
Amy Speace