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Bob D'Haene Actor /D'Haene Band: News

NEW WEBSITE FOLLOW LINK - September 30, 2009

Benefit, Reviews & New Site - January 6, 2009

So, soon we'll be saying goodbye to trusty "" and switchin' over to "". Stay tuned.

Also, head over to the calendar and mark the 18th. Doing a great show for a worthy cause.

Last but not least, check out our first two reviews for "Vinyl"!

When in it's time to change! - December 9, 2008

Soon we'll be changing to the new D'Haene site! It is now up and running and would love for you to check it out!
Also, copies of "Brother man" are still available for the perfect stocking stuffer! Head to or download it on itunes! "Vinyl" will be ready for download in early 09!

Rock On,

Thanks for Stopping By - October 7, 2008

Check out the Calendar for our gig date this month.
Also, we are close to having our NEW website done. We'll soon have a link to redirect you for all your D'Haene needs!
Also, check out the Music page for clips from our new record, Vinyl!

Vinyl to be new D'Haene Record - August 25, 2008

So, it's final. Vinyl is the name of the upcoming D'Haene record. Stay tuned for more cuts to be posted! And please help us spread the word!! Lots more coming!

Want a Taste? - June 18, 2008

So, album is mastered! We've got some tunes posted up for you to check out!
Spread the news!
Team D'Haene

The Mix is Done!! - May 12, 2008

That's right!! We're getting closer to our finished product...and, yes, we think it's sounding amazing!!
Stay Tuned....

Oh, and check out the new photo's under "Photos by Shannon Thomason"....and, yes, it was as fun as it looks! Thanks, Shannon!!

Spring is in the Air...Can you smell the Rock?!! - April 25, 2008

First we'd like to thank everyone for coming out to our 3 shows last week...Word on the street was, "Best Weekend Of the Year!"..
Also, we start mixing the new record on May 7th!! We're very excited for everyone to hear it!
Rock On,

Are YOU ready?? New Shows/New Record! - March 12, 2008

We apologize for the "radio-silence" we've been busy putting together a record that will blow you away! 3 shows coming up in April to give you your dose of D'Haene....check the calendar for dates near you!

New Album in the Works! - January 31, 2008

D'Haene is busy working on our new record...and, yes, it will rock you!!
You can still download "Brother man" at Itunes....that would be super cool!
Soon we'll have a sneak peak of one of the new tunes!

New Album - November 9, 2007

D'Haene is busy in the studio working on our new record! And, yes, it will rock you!! ....but you knew that....Soon we'll have a special sneak preview....
You can still downloard "Brother man" at iTunes!
Thanks again!

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Generosity - June 11, 2007

Welcome, if you're interested in ordering/contributing to the making of our next record, follow one of these links:
To use safe & easy PayPal or to read our touching blog sales pitch:

The Countdown Begins! - June 4, 2007

So, we are slowly approaching our first recording date for the follow up to, Brother man! We're very excited about the new tunes and hope you'll join us for our upcoming gig dates!
Keep checking back for more info!

Where've ya been? - May 13, 2007

We'd like to thank everyone who's been checking in wondering when the next Big Rock Show will be...we've got some shows at the end of the month. The band has been busy preparing songs for our next record which we'll start recording this summer!
Check out the upcoming dates!! We hope you'll join us!

College Radio List! - March 1, 2007

Follow this link to the ever growing list of stations playing us around the country!

MYSPACE - September 20, 2006

D'Haene On College Radio! - September 8, 2006

We are very excited to announce that D'Haene is being added around the country on College Radio. Details coming soon!!

September 7, 2006

Buy the CD

New Shows, New Tunes, Old Friends! - June 26, 2006

Hey, D'Haene (w/ special guests) will be doing a couple of shows at the end of July to debut some new material! We'll have our old friends - Ben Zwerin, Patrick Carmichael & Jefferson Thomas sitting in!

D'Haene to Play James Brown Festival! - April 1, 2006

The hardest working rock band has been added to the festival for the hardest working man in show business!
D'Haene will be heading to Augusta, GA at the end of May! Check back for Updates and some dates in the Carolina's!

D'Haene is Fearless! - March 10, 2006

Fearless Radio is proud to present FEARLESS FM! And They have included our song, Feelin' Human,as part of
FEARLESS FM's premiere line-up!!
Tune in to the new FEARLESS FM for non-stop, no-talk, all music

D'Haene on Your Back! - February 8, 2006

Check out the "Buy" page and pick yourself up some new D'Haene wear! Complete with our mission statement: "It all starts with a lick!"

Another Track of the Day! - January 20, 2006

"M.B.D.S.R!" will be the "rock track of the day" January, 26th! on!!

D'Haene's going back to College! - January 20, 2006

"Somebody Loves Me" is being featured on Indie Rock X! Check it out:

More Internet Radio! - December 30, 2005

D'Haene has been added to the playlist at 104.7 FM Iradio out of LA!

Follow the link:
You can request, M.B.D.S.R! from 10am to 3pm (PST) Monday-Friday!
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