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Bob D'Haene Actor /D'Haene Band: Press

One is never really sure if Bud, played brilliantly by Bob D' Haene, is seriously disturbed or just one of those people who likes to screw with other people's heads.
"D’Haene skillfully negotiates the blending of Eric’s libido and propriety into a man who reads exactly as he should: as someone who is always just on the verge of losing control." - Matthew Murray,
Matthew Murray - (Aug 21, 2011)
"Bob D'Haene tiptoes carefully on the line between passionate sincerity and downright creepiness. His Eric perfectly blurs the line, making us wonder if this is just the harmless insanity we feel when we find that instant connection with someone, or just pure insanity. His awkwardness is at the same time sad, relatable, and hilarious and he handles the more poetic romantic moments with perfect sincerity." - Michael Mraz,
Michael Mraz - (Aug 21, 2011)