Happy New Year 

New Year and New Gig(s)

Saturday, Feb 1st 8-11pm Acoustic Sounds at Claret Wine Bar 

4602 Skillman Ave. Sunnyside  www.claretwinebar.com

Coming Soon:New play info!

Suddenly Last Summer.... 

Well, it’s the unofficial end of summer! I’m thankful for a busy, creative and relaxing adventure that was had....

BUT one last Summer GIG! I’ll be performing Saturday, September 21st from 7:30-10:30 at Claret Wine Bar in Sunnyside. 3 hours of my particular set of Covers.....the ”Songs You Forgot You Enjoy”.


Saturday, Sept. 21st 7:30-9:30 

Also, will have pics soon from ”Sequence” the new play I did up at the Adirondack Theatre Festival  

Stuff happening 

New Acoustic!! Playing the Songs You forgot you Enjoyed!                                                                       Saturday, May 11th 8-11pm Claret Wine Bar                                                                                                Claretwinebar.com 46-02 Skillman Ave

COME JULY! I’ll heading up to the Adirondack Theatre Festival to do the new play “Sequence” (Woodward/Newman Award winner)…

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Updates! (been too long) 

GIG COMING: Brunch & Bob : Sunday, November 11th from 2pm-4pm at Sanger Hall in SunnySide! 

Hi! My new opening page is a great pic from Joe's Pub.   Check out the Photo Gallery for more! 

AAAAND "Who's Your Baghdaddy" Cast Recording is finally available!! "D'Haene isn't quite your typical musical theatre leading man, but his distinctive voice holds its own in this unusual kind of story. His early song, "We Deserve Better," not only shows off his vocals...

The album is currently available for pre-order…

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We're OPEN! 

"Baghdaddy" the Off-Broadway musical "dramedy" has officially opened at The St. Luke's Theatre on West 46th! Message me for cheap tix! This show is a NY Times Critics' Pick! http://baghdaddymusical.com/

Baghdaddy Back! 

Very excited to start rehearsals this week for the return of "Baghdaddy" on stage! The Off-Broadway show returns this time at St. Luke's Theatre on 46th St.  Check out the new site: http://baghdaddymusical.com/

Shoot, Music and More 

Tomorrow I start shooting the short film , "YourWorld Too". Super excited to be working with an amazing team! 

Then it's preparing for the Valentine's show at Roots Cafe in Brooklyn. Come out Friday, Feb 10th - some wonderful performers! 

We then gear up to the return of "D'Haene" at Arlene's Grocery. 9pm Feb 22nd. With an ALL NEW SET  of material. These songs are going to ROCK and HEAT ya UP! 

Let's Get Started 

Upcoming announcements of a new D'Haene show. We'll be performing in late February with a set of Brand New Material. Dates & Times coming soon!

Also, some Off-Broadway announcements coming soon too.....


Stage, Screen and Screams! 

LOTS happening right now so I'll just list'em!

This week I start shooting an episode of "Evil Lives Here". I'll be one of the lead roles - George: Husband, Christian, Businessman and father of a crazy person!

Tuesday, August 9th - I'll be playing the Medea inspired role in a reading of this amazing new play! http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/STRUAN-Gets-Staged-Reading-at-NYU-Tisch-20160801

Sunday, August 14th - I'll be performing my acoustic show as part of the Long Island City Concert series. Will be…

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